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minionmatcher's Journal

Subeta Minion Matcher
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Find the perfect pet for your perfect pet!
Newly created - check back later!

Welcome to the Subeta Minion Matcher! Here you'll find a visual list of minions grouped by colours, and in some cases by matching pet potion.

Things to note:

I've been using SubetaHQ's minion list but a few of these are just wearables, not actual minions as they've been listed. If you see one of them (hopefully I've already removed them all) please point it out! :)

Minions are categorized by their predominant colour.

In some cases the best way to approach the lists are not by the pet potion, but by the overall colour - for example, if you have a Glade pet you could search the suggested Glade minions, but it's also best to check the Green section. Maybe you'll find something not quite Glade oriented but just that perfect hue. Or if you have an overlay that differs from its original potion

These lists are by no means comprehensive - it's more of a personal judgement call on which minions belong where, or if they even make it onto the list.

Some minions can fit into more than one category - for example, some spectrum minions are predominantly white so they're put into the White/Grey section, but also the Spectrum section. Some shades of grey could be in White/Grey, but up to a certain shade they were probably put into Twilight instead.

Think something's missing? Have a suggestion? Contact me here or on Subeta (MEOWTH).